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Are Your Seeking to create automated Org Chart Reports to provide HCM insights into your workforce?

With more than 1,500 customers worldwide, let us show you how our org charts powered by Ingentis org.manager can help drive key business insights across your organization. We are Oracle certified and ready to assist!

We invite you to reach out to us so we can schedule a brief product demonstration.

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We offer Oracle customers org charting solutions for every company size. BIG and small.

Look for us at OHUG 2020 and let us show you how Ingentis org.manager
can help drive automated business insights for your organization

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See how Ingentis org.manager can work for:

Measure the diversity of your organization.

Manage your open headcount more effectively.

Tips & tricks to be more

efficient & succeed.

Advanced training for the tech savy people.

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Analyze employee turnover risk due to the aging workforce.

Optimize the future state of your organization.


Deliver a corporate directory that promotes employee engagement.

Ingentis org.manager is ready to work

with your Oracle HCM applications

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We unveiled state-of-the-art HCM Reporting solutions at OHUG

We enjoyed demonstrating a variety of HCM use cases and how Ingentis and Oracle work so well together

Stop by Booth #212 and let us show you how org.manager
can help drive automated business insights for your organization


retirement eligibility

Breakdown on number of employees eligible to retire in a give time period

Key metrics help you measure impact across org unit and span

Automated org chart means your data is always up-to-date

An example of Ingentis org.manager in action. Many organizations need to undertake informed planning actions when it comes to the aging workforce and retirement eligibility. Below is how an org chart can easily automate the process of providing actionable insights and metrics around retirement eligibility across the organization to anticipate future employee turnover.


Let us know you are interested and we will follow-up with you


We'll explore your business needs and ways Ingentis org.manager can help


We'll deliver org charts quickly with our flexible configuration

We're sorry to have missed you at OHUG, but we are happy to send you information and arrange a demo of Ingentis org.manager.

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