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Ingentis has more than twenty years of experience working with hundreds of organizations to help them make sense of their HCM data. We will show you how you can benefit from org charts that help you with open position management, succession planning, diversity & inclusion, aging workforce, organizational design, and much more!

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See how Ingentis org.manager  addresses key HCM use cases below

Take a snapshot of your current organization and create multiple future plan scenarios to rapidly prototype the optimal organization. Measure changes to headcount, span, and financials as you prototype your new organization structure.

Make sure the changes you model result in the optimal results for your organization by creating a dashboard that tracks key metrics at-a-glance to help you understand the impact of changes being considered.

Leverage modeling capabilities to take quick yet measured action during disruptive times. Whether you need to make temporary adjustments or are undergoing business recovery, modeling helps you quickly prototype an action plan.

Use Indices to measure and set goals for diversity composition of your workforce by ethnicity, gender, age, persons with disability, and veteran status.

Measure the potential impact of an aging workforce and timing of potential employee retirement so you can more effectively lessen the impact.

Visualize all open positions (now and in the future) and fully leverage your Successors and External Talent Pipeline (ATS) to help reduce Time to Fill.

Talent View and Flight Risk

Visualize key talent data for all employees in the organization, including potential flight risk, position and performance history, and pay range.

Succession Planning

Quickly and easily identify top talent available to appoint as possible successors. This Top Talent 9 Box Grid is just one of the many visualizations available to help drive key business insights about your workforce.

An intelligent corporate directory goes beyond simply helping identify colleagues to understand what type of changes are happening every day in your organization. Our intuitive and ground-breaking automated and configurable news feed helps drive employee engagement for key events such as new hires, promotions, work anniversaries, birthdays, and much more!

Ingentis org.manager offers a news feed that is updated daily and captures the key employee-centered events that is transpiring throughout your organization. Employees are encouraged to reach out to each other to welcome New Hires or to celebrate work anniversaries or promotions.

But Wait...We're More than Just an Org Chart!


Ingentis org.manager provides an intuitive interface that works on all mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones.

Our sunburst chart and visualization rules help you to scan a large population to find whatever you need, such as vacant Positions open for more than 30 days

Our configurable dashboards deliver KPIs across all departments to help drive informed business decisions

Consider us an easy-to-use, HCM Data Visualization Platform.
Our dashboards and sunburst chart helps clients uncover
key data points and gain actionable HCM insights in seconds!

We invite you to download our White Papers on the latest HCM trends and how Ingentis org.manager drives actionable insights for successful business outcomes.

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